Kenosi- Anti-Keres

Throughout the work in progress kenosis , Assumption + Guasch artists have developed a series of performative actions related to the experience of emptying process since the disappearance , awareness of the presence of what is no longer . In these actions, in which artists involve attendees actively participate or covering cutting - texts and images , the gap occurs more real than the full and the unseen is more pressing than the visible.

The performance made the Palace of Vicereine Barcelona in occasion of the 10th anniversary of the gallery MX Espai1010 , Assumption + Guasch installed a device performative self for attendees at the party could go cutting the images and texts from the catalog of 10 years of space activity . The silence implicit in the holes in the catalog, which would lead to the kairos ( opportune time ) and deploy the full force of that potential, and that which is yet remaining and that was latent .

The object - action product was received by artists Nora Ancarola and Marga Ximenez at the time they were working within the privacy Trilogy project . The catalog intervened , cut , emptied did reflect on their own actions to the MX Espai1010 and on task as managers in relation to their own work as artists.
The catalog 's come as a real gift full of content and questions ... The cuts , texts (that we say ) and images (that we do) can exist without the context that contains them? As a first step lovingly decided to sew each of the pieces emptied , reflections and actions that reflect one after another , times full of intent and willingness of sharing , communication and socialization. They had to re- build on transparent sheets one by one historia.Finalizado small pieces of work needed documentation of the facts . From the first recordings recorded other and with a constructivist -looking game , described the process .
The full catalog , the catalog empty and re- built catalog , plus all the words written about the facts with your register ( PAL video 13'43 " ) and the file become fertile ground for future developments.

Installation presented at the Arts Santa Monica center of Barcelona 2010, in
Tinglado 2 of Tarragona and Lleida in IEI in 2013.