Skin colors

Production: the author
Duration: 12' loop
Realization: 2012
Languages: Catalan
Master: Mini DV
Formats: DVD
Systems: PAL
Color: yes
Sound: yes
License: Copyright

About The Antichrist of Nietzsche:
The man without sin of Christianity is eternal underdog with the virtues that suit , they give these little satisfactions that prolong their slavery weak , but that clear their complete lack of vitality : the sweetness , kindness , charity . To justify this slave morality , theologians have built a vast system of " pious lies" , pérfides interpretations . It has poisoned the hearts of men with resentment and the idea of sin. Abominable vicious circle.
But ...
A mysterious transit operates in every work of art . darkness
metamorphose into light sleep and dream ideas, the existence
while chained to the fight , to the death , to nothing, to the
to truth and illusion , in pure form. This major release has to
met for the total existence and life in its depth .
(text by Henri Lefebvre )

Presented to City SCREEN, Barcelona 2012 within the MXEspai1010 section synesthesia

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