Production: the author
Duration: 7 '34 "
Realization: 2010
Languages: Castilian / Catalan
Master: Mini DV
Formats: DVD
Systems: PAL
Color: yes
Sound: yes
License: Copyright

Self-appropriation of images of previous works video as part of the "ritual" of painting.
Evocations of the past and a script that happens monologue.
A set of associations that occur script.
If my videos taken as a starting point - fit-painting techniques, textures, thickness and not thick, the nuances and the strength, composition and decomposition, glazes and evidence, that said and unsaid , and that showed that only suggested, as Carles Hac Mor-this video, my self-portrait, intended to expose him.

Presented at FLUX Festival author's video, 2010. Barcelona

Text Carles Hac Mor