Produced by: MX Espai 1010
Duration: 8’ (loop)
Made: 2000
Master: mini VD
Formats: DVD
Systems: PAL
Colour: yes
Sound: no
Licence: copyright

This video forms part of the set of installations A des/temps, (In/Out of Time) created and exhibited at MXEspai 1010 in 2000, as part of Visions de Futur. The unique location occupied by MXEspai 1010, which is precisely at the highest point of the ancient Roman city (Barcino), known as Mount Taber in the Middle Ages, seems an ideal starting point for this project/route through time and history.
The video appeared on two televisions in the City History Museum. On them was broadcast what was actually going on around the pillars of Hercules, both "in time" (connection with the street) and "out of time" (prerecorded).