Antikeres Interviews

Production: the author
Duration: 1h 57'
Realization: 2012
Languages: catalan / spanish / italian
Master: Mini DV
Formats: DVD
Systems: PAL
Color: yes
Sound: yes
License: Copyright


Silvia Alcoba, Benxamí Álvarez, Jorge Anagnostópulos, Margarita Ancarola, Anónimo, Asunción+Guasch, Josep Maria Avilés, Montse Baqués, Ana María Baulieu, Tomàs Bel, Ulla Blanca Lima, Elena Calle, Paula Carracelas, Anna Carrera, Ana Casal/Cinzia Vella, Antoni Clapés, Mercè Clascà, Carme Coll, Maria Corachan, Joan Cruspinera, María Cuadrado, Marta Darder, Lola Donaire, Magdalena Duran, Horacio Espeche, Esposta: Barbara i Anastasia, Clara Garí, Guillermo Gorostiza, Silvia Grünig, Rodolfo Häsler, Hernán Khourian, Alexandra Lara, Francesca Llopis, Mercè López, Franca Lopi, July Marchand, Pilar Marmi, Lydia Michelena, Alícia Palau, Montse Pérez, Elsa Plaza, Carles Pujol, Victòria Rabal, María Roca, Dolores Romero, Benet Rossell, Claudia Truzzoli, Dolors Udina, Tiziana Valpiana, Kerstin Vegelahn, Miriam Ventura, Carlos Vitale i David Ymbernon

From Ethics to the Aesthetics of Care : Antikeres
Sílvia Muñoz d’Imbert

The last part of the Trilogia de la privadesa, Antikeres (Anti-Keres), arises from Marga Ximénez and Nora Ancarola’s need to make the invisible visible, lend a voice to that which is silenced, recall that which is forgotten and in general, view the world surrounding us from a different perspective. In this work, focusing on the concept of care, the artists decided to “care for” (curate) the contributions of collaborators, whom they sought from among artists and professionals in different spheres who had some connection to them and MXEspai 1010, contributions that, at the same time, delved into personal experiences in caring.

Yet in Antikeres, Marga Ximénez and Nora Ancarola are not only seeking to gather individual experiences of care, but rather to go beyond and, on the basis of these concrete experiences, induce us to make a profound reflection on the provision of care as applied to both the private and the public spheres.

What does providing care in the public sphere mean? What do we mean when we speak of the ethics of care?

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