Banyuls – Portbou_muga 600

Banyuls – Portbou_muga 600
Intervention - October 6, 2018

Nora Ancarola with Ramon Villegas
With the participation of Aurora Vélez, Marta Pons and Max Vilalta

Within the colloquium organized by the University of Girona and the Museu de l'exili and the route organized by Clara Garí de Nau Côclea

"The chronicler, who details the events without discerning between big and small, takes into account the truth that nothing that ever happened can be lost in history ..."
(from the 3rd Thesis on the conception of the History of W.Benjamin)

The disciplinary society, pointed out by Foucault, develops the fact where the visibility of bodies, actions and things is institutionalized through the technological gaze.

This look, institutionalized, leaves the interpersonal relations in the hands of the machines, while the people, immersed in a sea of ​​images of the horrors, ignore the events and the actions closest to them.
We ignore the other from a parallel world, a world of fictions.

Docile bodies, before the perpetual look of the machine.

GEWALT = Violence = Power (institutional)

"The task of a critique of violence can be defined as the exposition of its relationship with the law and with justice. Because an efficient cause becomes violence, in the exact sense of the word, only when it affects moral relationships. The sphere of such relationships is defined by the concepts of law and justice. Especially with regard to the first of these two concepts, it is evident that the fundamental and most elementary relation of all legal order is that of end and means; and that violence, to begin with, can only be sought in the realm of means and not in that of ends. These checks already give us, for the critique of violence, something more, and even diverse, than what we might think. For if violence is a means, it may seem that the criterion for its criticism is already given, without more. This is raised in the question about whether violence, in each specific case, constitutes a means for just or unjust ends. In a system of just ends, the bases for its criticism would already be given implicitly. But things are not like that. For what this system would give us, if it were beyond doubt, is not a criterion of violence itself as a principle, but a criterion regarding the cases of its application. The problem of whether violence in general, as a principle, is moral, even if it is a means to just ends, would remain unanswered. But in order to decide on this problem a more pertinent criterion is needed, a distinction in the sphere of the media itself, without taking into account the purposes to which they serve. "(From W. Benjamin, Critique of violència)
Nau Côclea
MUME - Museu de l’Exili

Exposed in
FluxFestival. Barcelona. 2018
Lo Pardal. Agramunt. 2019
Centre d’Art Maristany. Sant Cugat. 2019