In Residence-Antaviana

We transform Lead. Silver Moments
Nora Ancarola and Marga Ximenez IN RESIDENCE at Institut Antaviana School.

with the students Nerea Abolafia, Faith Apata, Izan Arnainz, Hajar Benhida, Mercè Guiset, Adrià Gutiérrez, Ainhoa ​​Herrera, Lucía Jiménez, Sol Manzano, Nuria Martínez, Iker Nonura, Natalia Oliver, Andrés Ponce, Ainara Ramírez, Natalia Rivero, Mar Rubio , Pahola Sánchez, Andrea Segura, Estela Torrado, and professors Jorge Carrasco and Carme Salinas (teachers).

Throughout the 2018-19 academic year, a group of ESO students from the Institut Antaviana School, have been working with the creators Nora Ancarola and Marga Ximenez, within the framework of the project IN RESIDENCE. Throughout the course, and on a weekly basis, students and creators have been immersed in a process of creation, culminating in this exhibition.

The realized project reflects on the migrations and their vital consequences, on the small stories that define the junction between the individual trajectories and the collective events and, in which, the gaze of the other becomes the starting point to understand shared realities.

In the framework of the 10th edition of Creators IN RESIDENCE to the institutes of Barcelona, ​​a program of the Institute of Culture of Barcelona and the Consortium of Education of Barcelona, ​​designed in cooperation with the Association A Bao A Qu.

The residence of Nora Ancarola and Marga Ximenez at the Institut Antaviana School is curated and coordinated by the Association A Bao A Qu.

The project

Lead moments are those moments when individual freedom is suspended, those moments in which we lose confidence in ourselves, in the other, in the future.
But it is through the knowledge of the other, to share emotions and interests, that we can find a space for transformation, where restitution becomes possible. These moments, probably shared, often fragile and ephemeral but always bright, we call them Silver Moments.

The creative experience can be an instrument to carry out this transformation, this game where the potential to modify the discomfort in constructive action arises.

These pieces are the result of working together spaces shared by our bodies, where we are the starting point and lead time is relegated by the force of the collective.

A soft material, seemed ideal to find the confluence. The silver color and sewing, metaphors of light and healing.

A "pouf" to enjoy in company,
a coat, which protects us without losing our identities and colors,
pants that shout gender equality and freedom,
some caps and pillows that join us filling the shared space,
a sweater that we turn around (see video),
a chair that remains fragile and strong and at the same time that is offered to the observer,
all, pieces that open to reflection and community life.
Presented in
Centr d’Art Santa Mònica. Barcelona. 2019