Despintura del mor

Production: the author
Duration: 3' 33"
Realization: 2010
Languages: Catalan
Master: Mini DV
Formats: DVD
Systems: PAL
Color: yes
Sound: no
License: Copyright

Despintura of Mor is a video piece presented in the exhibition Epítom CARLES HAC MOR: Perfection is fascist MXEspai made to the 1010 and maintains a conductive historical line which was first registered epitome you have held in the century IV BC by the historian Theopompus of Chios, and summarizing the Histories of Herodotus. This exhibition is included in a cycle driven Viladot Foundation, which has exhibits on the IEI of Lleida, the MXEspai1010, in the Old City of Tarragona, to Camallera Côclea Nau and Agramunt Viladot Foundation.
Barcelona, December 2010

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