Silver moments - A goal to survive

A goal to survive
Installation. 2019
With Agnès WO

Football, an alienating show by excellence, can become a moment of silver, even in the midst of a situation of great drama.
Józef Tabaczynski, who entered the Auschwitz concentration camp on April 12, 1943, writes: “The jealousy I had when I was watching the prisoners play was not related to the desire to participate, but to the food ration of more than they gave to those who played. Pawe Stolecki, a Polish, was responsible for organizing the matches. Sometimes I tried to get his attention and one day, when I was very tired, he called me. I was excited, because he told me I was going to play against Germany and, although I didn't have enough strength, I felt proud. I promised myself at least to do well in terms of technique. I listened to the pleasure of how other prisoners encouraged us. I took the opportunity and scored a goal that later turned out to be the only one. The public was crazy for the victory. After the game, they sent me to work in the kitchen and that progress made me think of a possible future ”
Exposed in
Centre d’Art Maristany. Sant Cugat. 2019