The_language that drags

THE_LANGUAGE THAT DRAGS (la_lenguadiario)
Explorations around migratory wounds within language
This project was commissioned by the curatorial group ON MEDIATION 2019, for an exhibition in web format: Eyeframing-OM7.
Here the page in its entirety: within
 in which you can see the project THE_LANGUAGE THAT DRAGS (la_lenguadiario), a project produced for the occasion, taking into account the virtual format from the beginning.
"La_lenguadiario" is the starting point where the seven curators (Laura, Zahira, Victòria, Bella, Arthur, Diana and Ivana) intervene with texts of their personal and non-transferable experiences with the language in their own traffics and migrations.
A gift that I received as a treasure as a starting point for an obviously community work. A short time later, with the involvement of Ina Dunkel, Marion Tamme de Aquista, Ramon Villegas and Ade Boyle, we made a sound reinterpretation of the texts and with Aymée Hamon's on camera and video editing, we will re-formulate the interpretation in visual and sound.
In this link you will be able to see all the material of the project, the texts (also a pdf with the complete_lenguadiario) with sound, the video of the final actions and some references in the community and the "tosqueliano" transit.
Also In a cartography of the migratory wounds visible in language:
Here is the final video, despite the fact that the most important is the whole process, the diary (on the web in pdf), the sound interpretation and finally this visual and sound reinterpretation:
Presented at La Capella in January 2021. Barcelona.