Silver moments - Hospitality

Hospitality (Ramon Guillen-Balmes in memory)
Installation. 2019
With Agnès WO

From Buenos Aires to Barcelona. Nora Ancarola leaves her native city because of the military dictatorship at the end of 1977. On September 16 of the previous year, “the night of pencils” had taken place, when the police kidnapped, tortured and murdered a group of students. Pluminous moments.

Getting to a place, a city like Barcelona, ​​that has to decide whether or not to welcome the newcomer. A few weeks later, Nora goes to the Joan Miró Foundation to present herself to the drawing contest convened by the institution. At the Funicular de Montjuic, Ramon Guillen-Balmes meets a young artist who also carries a drawing for the contest. On the way back, in the same funicular, Ramon Guillen-Balmes offers Nora the possibility of sharing the TEAP (Experimental Workshop of Plastic Arts), a group of young artists who shared a vital, creative and friendly space. A gesture, a single gesture, happens a moment of silver.
Exposed in
Centre d’Art Maristany. Sant Cugat. 2019