The Booth of the Germans

50 photographs printed in aluminum

After the Second War, the young Germans asked their parents:
- What did you do to the war, father?
At this time, unanswered questions, call the lead time.

On September 26, 1940, when Walter Benjamin left this life, in a strategic corner of the city of Portbou there was The Booth of the Germans, a euphemism that, until today, he calls the bunker where the Gestapo was located.

The Booth of the Germans is today part of the tourist itinerary where TimeOut writes:
"The landscape is amazing and the stories of Nazis have a lot of" thrown ", so a selfie will make us look like authentic arty-farty. If we also choose a day of Tramuntana - attention, when approaching the cliffs - the drama of the photo is assured. »

Recovering the memory of places with the true historical and cultural sense is a task that we can not stop doing, if we want to prevent history from repeating itself.

In German the word GEWALT means VIOLENCE, but also institutional POWER.