Produced by: the author
Duration: 1’ 36” (loop)
Made: 2005
Master: mini VD
Formats: DVD
Systems: PAL
Colour: yes
Sound: yes
Licence: copyright

Historically, mysticism that breaks with the imposed order, including religion, creates a mystique of pain in order to achieve the transcendence traditionally denied to women. Throughout the centuries, and particularly at the end of the 19th century, many women, classified by the psychiatrists of the time as hysterical mystics, could represent this repressed need for expression. Pain not only expresses the desire that the body should disappear, it is also a demonstration that one is alive. The body expressed and the body denied is the dialectic result generated by this.
VOLARE is the door relating these two forces as a space linking the internal and the external, giving beauty the opportunity to participate in an aesthetic springing not only from reason and order but also from the alliance between ancestral truths, including the intensity of the living.
It has also been set up as a small installation.