Return home

Return at home / Postcards from home
Juan Muiño. 2019. Guest artist.

Juan Muiño, an Argentine artist who spent 16 years of his life outside his country (Barcelona, ​​Dusseldorf, Ibiza) returns to his city. In his house in Lanús. The voluntary return is accompanied by a silver vision, aware of reality.
Juan Muiño: “Lanús was, from its autonomy, a working-class neighborhood, a worker ... With a strong Peronist base (Perón comes to power then). An equivalent to, for example, the circle that surrounds Barcelona, ​​populated in its origins for humble people who came looking for work from different parts of the country, what which is called, ‘the interior’.
Starting from the base of a working population, needless to say that my Lanús is the one that developed since then, becoming as it could, with a social middle class to down, and that has grown in its own way, without architectural rigors, without concept of tradition, always forgotten for governments that have passed and are passing today, left at the mercy of the population itself ... but managed to create, for itself, a particular image, as a character of its own ... "
Exposed in
Centre d’Art Maristany. Sant Cugat. 2019