Among book wings

In this exhibition, everything is mixed with the reality we find among books.
Nora Ancarola has spread her wings. She places us in a new current, obliging us to recognise the new through the unexpected, through magic and through poetry.
Her works suggest more than they show, but they always confirm an attitude full of commitment to art and to life. Her work now appears less dramatic, but this is just the effect of magic. Her forms continue to speak to us of pain, while they play with the search for the unsayable. This is why the nods to Rembrandt's reading philosopher, or the texts about the flight of Leonardo's birds, are not surprising.
The subtle fluttering with which the artist has allowed herself to place on canvas the gesture that penetrates the risk and wrench of new writing in a blank book surrounds us in surprise. The whole exhibition is a dialogue with the imaginary, with readings from Kafka, Borges, Peter Handke…
She does not allow us space for easy contemplation. If we want to get to the bottom of her approach, we have to travel on the same flight, read her codes and understand her discourse, which always questions everyone and everything.
We feel lashed by timeless wings directing us towards the route travelled by Nora Ancarola to recognise in it her latest reflections on the reasons for her paintings and their relationship with texts by Lacan, her videos or her installations; the reasons for her rigour and coherence with each of the works she presents.
We should not forget the iron frames; they are a counterpoint to Pinocchio's flapping.
Her work warns us: there is only one route, with or without wings - that of light and shade.
Marga Ximenez


Large-format paintings on canvas

30 paintings on canvas and transfers from small format

Exhibited at:

Paintings and videos. MXespai1010. Barcelona. 2010

Text by Lola Donaire