Silver moments - The innocence of evil

The innocence of evil
Installation. 2019
With Agnès WO

Nora Ancarola left Argentina without knowing the exact reasons why her life was in danger. The exercise of power consists in this, too, generating confusion among the entire population. Upon arriving in the Spanish State, part of the little money is spent into the Argentine process to the genocide book, , where it finds details and proven arguments of what happened in the country that had expelled it with only 21 years. The book is an epiphanic point: become real aware of horror. Knowledge is always liberating.

Jorge Luis Borges seems that it took much longer to know the state of barbarism that had been implemented by the Military Junta. It is not until 1985, when he witnesses the declaration of a victim of the abuses of the dictatorship, which writes the chronicle Monday, June 22, 1985 for the agency Efe.
Exposed in
Centre d’Art Maristany. Sant Cugat. 2019