with Marga Ximenez

AntiKeres (The carers)

The Greeks had the concept Keres, as a fusion of old age and death or illness and death. Since time immemorial, the care of the sick or the elderly has been a female task, but, curiously, there is no goddess representing it; instead KER, or the KERES, with the help of the Fates, put an end to life in a rather unnatural way, as if the female figure was identified more with death than life.
In this documentary work, which is also a work of fiction, the Sybil of Cumae is revealed to us as ANTI-KERES, or the myth of the female carer concealed behind many other myths: Ker, the goddess of violent death, the goddess Hera (who cares, but who sometimes kills by caring), Aphrodite (who cares for love but not always with love, the more than 50 minor Roman goddesses devoted to caring for childhood (Antevorta, Candeliphera, Antevorta, Posvorta Valentia...)
In our work, we have also fulfilled three premises: to explore the construction of the female subject as carer; to do so with the idea of understanding the home as a real place, full of emotional experiences and events, (although it is not the only scenario) and to create a new myth, ANTI-KERES, which places on the table the questions many women have been asking in the face of this concealed role clearly assigned to us throughout our history and still present today. The PRIVACY TRILOGY, which began with SIBILA in 2004, and continued with DOMUS AUREA in 2007, will end with ANTIKERES.
It is structured as an open work, a work in progress, culminating with the participation of artists who respond with works that are a reflection of experiences from their own private and/or professional lives.
More than 50 male and female collaborators, most of whom are artists and professionals occupying positions that make them specially sensitive to the issue of care in a social and collective sense, are taking part.

“Through their trilogy of work based on the theme of privacy, myth and the figure of the woman, Nora Ancarola and Marga Ximenez explain the interior of the home, the DOMUS AUREA, as a place of power, concentration, protection and repression; the origin of life in its biological and social sense. SIBILA studies the position of the messenger of power that the Sybil must fulfil; a vessel for the divine message, a figure living the nightmare of knowing the future, desiring death and oblivion in order to stop remembering, to be conscious no more.

Extracto del texto Antikeres com a cloenda de Trilogia de la privadesa de Silvia Muñoz d'Imbert, historiadora i crítica d'art....

Exhibited at:

Centre Arts Santa Mònica, 2010 Barcelona

Roca Umbert, Fàbrica de les Arts, 2011 Granollers

Carte d'Arte Mostre, 2012 Catània

MXEspai1010, 2012 Barcelona
Tinglado 2 del Moll de Costa, 2013 Tarragona

IEI Sala Gòtica, 2013 Lleida