_PART 3 (October-December 2017)

The flowers of the snake

Exposure file / how do these other ways of doing dialogue?

_Exposition with the result of the projects in charge. The projects of the artists, have a reflection and a development within the space. In three moments, temporarily differentiated, the artists will propose the activity that will be developed and that will be related to the topics to be debated.

_ File space where you can see the interviews carried out throughout the project.

_Jornadas / sessions. They would be developed in the same space, in the form of discussion tables. Possible specific topics to address (always coordinated with the proposals of the 3 invited artists):

Suicidated by society - social pressure and creation.
Melancholy and discomfort - new diseases
Creation and action as management of discomfort
Coltivate management

_Archive / works sample of artists who work these "other ways of doing" to relate to discomfort. The project is conceived as an investigation and is intended to make a state of the issue of artists and collectives, within the Catalan territorial framework, who work in the management of discomfort. Whenever possible, interviews will be made with these artists on these works, which will be able to be seen in this space, which will be, in short, a meeting space that will gather comments, consultations and archives of related projects.




The project is being held at the Center Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona.