The project


Lead and Silver Time. Obligatory Drifts
with Agnès WO and Juan Muiño
Curator: Joan M. Minguet

The works of Nora Ancarola bring us closer to leisurely reflections on the management of discomfort in those tragic migratory drifts, anonymous or personalized, that have presided over the twentieth century and that we still live with a certain lightness. Moments of lead, loaded with hardness. But also moments of silver, of light in the dark. An artistic exercise on the possibility of recovering old utopias (or creating new ones) with a clear transforming will.

Art understood as a bacillus for reflection, therefore, for dissent. Flee from accommodative and submissive simplicity. Spur the discussion, the effort of the recipient. Nora Ancarola raises a debate between lead and silver as combat metaphors, the struggles of disadvantaged people: immigrants, fugitives, imprisoned, hooded, engaging, the poor, the poors, always poverty.

The art to reflect and dissent from lead moments: surveillance and control systems; forced migrations; tragic arrivals; shut down hospitality; convict life. And, at the same time, pondered the silver moments: the wounds that can be cured; the lives to be transformed; the fists that, despite all the imposed limits, open to survive.

Nora Ancarola's work shows the express willingness to share, just this, or nothing more and nothing less than this. In a society as individualized as ours, cooperate with other artists (here, Agnès WO and Juan Muiño) to underline the dissident virus, the necessary vision of art as a communal thing.

Socialize the discrepant visuality in the sea of ​​easy images that surround us. And face the challenge that the voice of those who suffer the moments of lead, or the entire lives of lead, always invisible, always inaudible, can emerge in some way in some artistic devices that, before discussing with society, are discussed with themselves. There seems to be no other way.

Text by Joan M. Minguet
exhibition leaflet
Exposedt in
Centre d’Art Maristany. Sant Cugat. 2019