Among book wings. Book of sand

Produced by: the author
Duration: 1’58’’ and 4’ 27’’
Made: 2010
Languages: Spanish (texts by J.L. Borges)
Formats: DVD
Systems: PAL
Colour: yes
Multichannel: 2 channels (video projection + projection on an empty book)
Sound: yes (the voice of Anna Subirana)
Licence: copyright

Un libro infinito (An infinite book), the text by J.L.. Borges, begins:
“A line consists of an infinite number of points; a plane of an infinite number of lines; a volume of an infinite number of planes; a hypervolume of an infinite number of volumes... No, this geometrical axiom is definitely not the best way of starting my story. It is now a convention of all fantasy stories to claim that they are true; mine, however, is true.
After buying the book:
… I opened it at random. The characters looked strange to me. The pages, which looked worn, with poor typography, were printed in two columns, like a Bible. The text was crammed together and organised in verses. There were Arabic numerals in the top corners of the pages. It caught my eye that an even-numbered page might be, say, 40,514, while the next odd numbered one could be 999. I turned the book over; the back was numbered with eight figures. It bore a small illustration, like the ones often appearing on dictionaries: an anchor drawn in pen, as if by the clumsy hand of a child.”
His obsession begins:
“…… The summer was dying away and I realised that the book was monstrous. It was no use at all for me to think that I, who perceived it with my eyes and touched it with ten fingers, with their nails, was no less monstrous. I felt it was an object from a nightmare, an obscene thing that was disgracing and corrupting reality…

Finally, I abandoned it in a corner of the library.”
Text per Marga Ximenez
Text per Lola Donaire