Nora Ancarola

As it progresses over time, my work is more closely associated with two aspects of reality that I am especially concerned about: the ability of artistic languages to bring new readings to small –or large–historical accounts and social reality and on the other hand, the observation and the use of the creative process, her potential to manage individual and systemic discomfort as an instrument of transformation.

With these two considerations in mind I made paintings, photographs, videos and installations, in which the images put into play the intimate and the public in a clear will for revision of the status that regulates them. Each project requires a different process as well as a technical resolution, procedural and space specific. Put in dialogue image and text is also recurrent in my work from the beginning.

Antikeres, part of the Privacy Trilogy, a project shared with Marga Ximenez and with the participation of over fifty collaborators and collaborators, Optimization Combinatorial with Ulla Blanca Lima i Politicisations of discomfort with Laia Manonelles and Daniel Gasol, and the project Lead and Silver Time. Obligatory drifts, also show the importance that acquires the shared work on my work and its social and political dimension.