Correction was a video installation made in 1991 for the Barcelona Official Association of Quantity Surveyors as part of the Anar i Tornar (Outward and Return) cycle curated by Annemieke van de Pas.  It was then installed in Vic, Buenos Aires and Copenhagen. Six television sets installed in a wooden structure broadcast the flow of a waterfall, recorded in just 6 seconds from 6 different viewpoints, in a coordinated way but with continuous, real sound from six different channels. This offers a rather unsettling visual journey, gradually discovered to be repetitive and unreal.
Of these videos, made in postproduction at Miguel Diaz' studios with the technical know-how of Joan Bayó, only a few editing photos and a couple of stills remain.

...”but I will correct what I have written. Not now; I will correct it when the time comes for the correction. Then I will correct it, and then I will correct what I have corrected, and I will then correct the correction again, and so on successively”...
(T. Bernhardt)