WE (part I)
April-May 2020
Duration: 4'9 "
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(with Aina Roca in memory)
From a fragment of NOUS EN SOMME by the philosopher Hélène Cixous, a situation has been recreated where the desire to communicate shows its difficulty at the same time. The same text narrated in a polyphonic way, allows to visualize the capacity of visual and textual semantic distortion that can be printed in a story. The possibility of intervening as spectators through a proposal of orality that requires a textual translation incorporates one more element to the relational device, as proposed by Cixous.
How do we re-construct ourselves immersed in the language of the "other"? How can we do it in time of confinement? It's possible?
Text (fragment) NOUS EN SOMME - Hélène Cixous
Translations: Joana Masó (Catalan), Marion Tamme de Aquista (German)
With the collaboration of
Camila Barcellone, Biel Barnils, Mònica Camdepadrós, Horacio Espeche, Paloma G. Díaz, Susana Kamiya, Cloe Masotta, Frederic Montornés, Olga Olivera-Tabeni, Diana Rangel Lampe, Aina Roca, Marion Tamme de Aquista
Presented at Flux Festival 2020. Arts Santa Mònica de Barcelona.