E2 editions has edited Plom-Plata. forced drifts
25 copies (5 with box of cloth and lead). 2017
Compilation of the 17 projects in artist book format
Plom-Plata (Lead-Silver) is an archive containing 17 projects related to the forced drifts of the uprooted, those who had to leave their place of origin against their will (Rooting, Where Did Our Grandparents Sleep?). It also deals with the tragic migration drifts, which are quite different from the Baudelairian “flâneur” and more similar to the Benjaminian walker and to intimate and non-transferable moments: Moments of Lead (Kafka's Suitcase, Image and Memory).
Each file makes reference to a past event set against a present that leads us to reflect on the problem of contemporary genocides and their vital consequences. Each brief story defines the difficult connection between the individual paths and the collective events (Historical Narration, The Power of the Image, Silver River).
The work is, on the one hand, conceived as a modern exercise in recovering utopias (The Migrant's City, Zamenhof Utopia) and visualising new proposals to reflect on reality (Premonition, The Management of the Malaise, Homes for All); and, on the other, it is articulated in the form of a personal tribute to those who suffered the consequences of wars and exile, two structural elements of our contemporary societies.