Domus Aurea

with Marga Ximenez

DOMUS AUREA. Unidentifiable words or voice. Unintelligible.
Because speaking makes the foundation, the beginning, that which sustains it, disappear: the unachievable myth.
DOMUS AUREA is the myth of the home (the myth of Hera); of seclusion, of love in resistance, of survival.
This is a home where the objects have meaning, where every corner is charged with events.
The golden glow of the DOMUS does not allow us to see precisely; within it there is revelation, not always awareness.
The memory of the DOMUS AUREA is what keeps us lovingly stuck close to life, but it is not only a welcoming place. As it declines there can be violence - violence which leaves physical but above all emotional marks.
Domus Aurea is the place where femininity seeks its place and position in the world, where it grows, constructs and creates. Where she sails, translated by her own body, where she spins the language of the sayable with the unsayable.
NOTE: in July 64 AD Nero burned down Rome. Immediately afterwards he had the DOMUS AUREA - a villa of more than 80 hectares, dominated by an image more than 30 metres high representing him - built. Nero could never live out his desire; the mansion was hardly finished when he fell ill.
The DOMUS hardly survived him; a few months after his death it was partly destroyed and buried so that Trajan's baths could be built on it.
For him the DOMUS was not even a dream.

Exhibited at:

TPK. Tecla, Sala 2007 Barcelona

Côte-des-Neiges Art Centre, 2008, Montreal. Canada

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