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with Daniel Gasol and Laia Manonelles

DISCOMFORT POLITICISATIONS is conceived as an interdisciplinary project in which several artistic initiatives that approximate to the creation from its potential to give form to the discomfort, individual and systemic, in an economic, political and social context where the dependence to Psicofàrmacs and medicalització.

DISCOMFORT POLITICISATIONS reflects on the management of restlessness from various perspectives. In today's society, the malaise is mainly dealt with from the "psi" disciplines (psychiatry, behavioral psychology), increasing the medicalització of the feelings, of the preoccupations, and favoring a passive management. Faced with this progressive alienation, which is articulated from the hegemonic institutions, we find that art happens an effective way to find other ways to relate to the restlessness, assuming an active and responsible role towards the reality itself.

The thinker Lou Andreas Salomé, who was a disciple of Freud and who worked as a psychoanalyst in the context of World War I, recalls that creation is the best antidote that the artist can employ, emphasizing the symbolic efficiency of artistic processes. Within this metaphorical universe it is necessary to mention that, in antiquity, the serpent goddess appeared as the priestess of regeneration, holding the flower of creation understood as transformation. The choice of the serpent as a diseased element to the vega that regenerator, from which emerges the creative flower understood as transformation, seems us ideal as a symbolic image of the project. Contrary to the Baudeleiare flowers dealing with a flight of the world and tedium, The Flowers of the Serpent include us in the world to transform it.

These creative processes to manage discomfort, worked through an individual and collective, participatory and political dimension, show how art is an effective instrument for channeling conflicts. At the same time we see that the relationship between that intimate and that public is linked to a clear desire for social transformation.

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