Wound. Narcissus' astonishment

Produced by: MX Espai 1010
Duration: 5’17”
Made: 2003
Master: mini VD
Formats: DVD
Systems: PAL
Colour: yes
Sound: no
Licence: copyright

“Wound" refers to Nora Ancarola's entire creative process over almost twenty-five years of production, in which painting has been the most outstanding feature and where the introduction of new image media, such as photography and video, constitute a metaphorical "wound". It is, it should be said, an irreverent intrusion in terms of the criticism involved in the way the representation is made.
One feature of the works in this group of installations is the fact that they were created based on self-appropriation of images from previous works. In a way, they are arranged as a palimpsest, although in each work the artist organises them based on a triple operation: the juxtaposition of images in layers, which is what gives the feeling of a palimpsest; the conjunction between images, through interrelation; and the doubling of them through double and triple reflection (projections, crystals, mirrors...), creating a Baroque effect, moving the place of the representation, dislocating the idea of place and leading to the appearance of several places.
All this also impels you to move your multiplying viewpoint. The way you look at the work is destabilised, and this reinforces the "wound" - the crack in the sense - when you go right into what is being represented Some images suggest Christ-like symbols, others arise from an exploration of classical myths, and all the works shout a warning to a subjective, autobiographical world, which is updated and which updates us as it drives us to recognise the need for autobiography itself…(extract from a text by Lola Donaire)

Text by Lola Donaire